Eamon King

Eamon King

I have been recruiting in the Canterbury market for more than five years and have successfully partnered with many of the region’s highest profile employers. The strength of my candidate network and the depth of my specialist expertise in identifying, understanding and engaging IT & Engineering talent are the keys to my recruitment success.

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Areas of Expertise

  • Experienced technical recruitment professional with 5 years in the Christchurch market
  • Prior experience as an engineering draftsman in the manufacturing industry, and contract draftsman in the public sector
  • Well developed networks across Canterbury with employers of choice in the engineering and IT industries, particularly within the manufacturing, R&D & consulting sectors
  • Experience working both on site with clients and virtually as a specialist 'on demand' technical recruiter

My experience


  • Successfully implemented and delivered innovative recruitment solutions for a range of companies within the engineering and IT sectors
  • Sourced hard to find talent from both international and national markets, whilst providing long term support to ensure retention
  • Delivered multiple hires to clients aggressively growing teams on a project basis
  • Worked effectively within both start-up and multi-national corporate environments

Aviation Engineer, Aerospace Engineer, Avionics Engineer, Design Engineer, Design Substantiation, Test Engineer, Systems Engineer, Requirements Engineer, Test Technician, Flight Test Engineer, Flight Test Pilot, Structural Analyst, CFD Engineer, Project Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Electronics Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Mechatronics Engineer, SCADA Engineer, I&C Engineer, Automation Engineer, Maintenance Engineer, Project Planner, Network Planner, Process Engineer, Production Engineer, Engineering Management, Project Manager, Civil Engineer, Structural Engineer, Geotechnical Engineer, Geospatial (GI&S) Engineer Water/Waste/Storm Water Engineer, Fire Engineer, Roading Engineer, Applications/Software/Hardware/Web Developers; Software Engineers; QA/Test Analysts; Release Managers; Technical Leads; Business Analysts; Project Managers; Program Managers; SQL Specialists; DBA’s; Datawarehouse Specialists; Hardware Engineers; IT Managers; IT Architects; Product Developers; Technical Writers; Helpdesk/Tech Support; Network Engineers; SAP Specialists; Security Analysts; Systems Engineers.