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Effective Strategies For Recruiting IT Talent

Posted by: Marc

New Zealand businesses in search of IT talent know how challenging it is hiring in a tight candidate market. The skills gap is real and growing, making recruitment challenges particularly pronounced for IT positions. In an IT market starved for talent, how should HR/Business leaders respond to a climate in which the right people for… read more

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How To Make Your CV Tell A Story

Posted by: Marc

  Modern bullet-pointed, concise CV styles don’t seem suited to storytelling. But some recruiters, particularly those making direct hiring decisions, appreciate a CV that opens a window to your personality as well as highlighting your achievements. Hiring managers use the information in a CV to construct a story and image of the person applying for… read more

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Do Resumes Encourage Hiring Manager Bias?

Posted by: Marc

Putting together a cover letter and CV is one of the most dreaded aspects of searching for a job. Adjusting the contents for each position applied for – and knowing in some cases those contents will never even be read – can be a dispiriting process. Employers don’t exactly love wading through stacks of applications… read more

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What Impact Will Facebook’s Workplace Have On the Brick and Mortar Office?

Posted by: Marc

For many industries, social technology has changed the way we work. The likes of Slack, LinkedIn and the recent Microsoft acquisition, Yammer have been setting the pace and now Facebook have hopped on board with Zuckerberg’s Workplace innovation. Facebook is firmly established in workplaces all over the world, just not in the way it wants… read more

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9 Key Job Skills for the Future

Posted by: Marc

Identifying skills and qualifications that will be the most valuable in years to come Four episodes into HBO’s latest offering, Westworld and I’m hooked. There are so many employment themes running through the show that in addition to calling it a sci-fi, western mash up you could easily throw ‘workplace drama’ into the descriptive mix… read more

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Lessons from a Bad Job Interview: How to Learn from your Mistakes and Perform Better Next Time

Posted by: Marc

If you’ve ever walked away from a job interview feeling like you’ve just barely survived a car accident, you’ll be familiar with that sinking feeling of inadequacy and shame. The sense that you’ve blown a golden opportunity, one that might not present itself again; the nagging doubt that you aren’t as good as you thought… read more

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How can body language be used effectively in an interview situation?

Posted by: Marc

Multiple studies have demonstrated how body language influences our perceptions of each other, with some analysts putting it far above verbal communication in terms of importance. In a job interview situation it becomes even more important, as interacting with strangers tends to increase our awareness of our own and others’ body language. Thinking about how… read more

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How Safe Is Your Job?

Posted by: Marc

The patchy, piecemeal recovery from the global recession of 2009 has fostered an attitude of cautious optimism among economists. But even as the economy slowly regains its former strength, another threat to middle class job security has reared its head: technology. Automation has changed the way large-scale, repetitive tasks are performed; online commerce has caused… read more

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