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Mitigating Risk in a Talent Short Market

Posted by: Matt

  Identifying and securing the top talent in your industry is one of the biggest challenges you face in businesses today. Having the right people in place to lead your organisation through both economic downturns and sudden periods of growth is crucial to long-term success. Studies indicate a real shortage of leadership talent in both New… read more

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Preparing for a Leadership Role

Posted by: Matt

Taking on more responsibility at work is not always synonymous with career or financial advancement. The healthiest approach to  securing a leadership opportunity is to assume there’ll be no monetary or status reward; take on the new challenge for it’s own sake, do it to the best of your abilities and the rewards will naturally follow…. read more

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In Business, Only Bad Eggs Prevent Poaching

Posted by: Matt

The long-running poaching dispute between four global tech giants and more than 64,000 of their employees may finally have reached it’s conclusion after Apple, Google, Intel and Adobe offered to settle the lawsuit for $415 million (USD). The lawsuit claims the companies had made formal agreements not to recruit each others employees. One email exchange… read more

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