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Developing your professional career in the IT or Engineering industry is crucial to maintaining a successful work life. Whether you’re graduating, moving to New Zealand or looking to upgrade your job, here are some effective tips to help your professional career development.


How Valuable Are Soft Skills To Your Employment Prospects?

Posted by: Marc

Good communication. Initiative. The ability to work in a team. So-called ‘soft skills’ such as these have long received short shrift from bottom-line worshiping monetarists who believe the only assets of any value comes with a price tag that can be quantified to the cent. Luckily, those attitudes are on the way out. Increasingly, employers… read more

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Preparing for a Leadership Role

Posted by: Matt

Taking on more responsibility at work is not always synonymous with career or financial advancement. The healthiest approach to  securing a leadership opportunity is to assume there’ll be no monetary or status reward; take on the new challenge for it’s own sake, do it to the best of your abilities and the rewards will naturally follow…. read more

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