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How Valuable Are Soft Skills To Your Employment Prospects?

Posted by: Marc

Good communication. Initiative. The ability to work in a team. So-called ‘soft skills’ such as these have long received short shrift from bottom-line worshiping monetarists who believe the only assets of any value comes with a price tag that can be quantified to the cent. Luckily, those attitudes are on the way out. Increasingly, employers… read more

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Mitigating Risk in a Talent Short Market

Posted by: Matt

  Identifying and securing the top talent in your industry is one of the biggest challenges you face in businesses today. Having the right people in place to lead your organisation through both economic downturns and sudden periods of growth is crucial to long-term success. Studies indicate a real shortage of leadership talent in both New… read more

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Why Did Someone Less Qualified Than Me Get The Job?

Posted by: Marc

Losing out on a job is always painful, but it’s especially hard when you know you were ideally suited to the position. Whoever got it couldn’t have been more qualified. So what’s going on? There are a few reasons why ability, experience and qualifications won’t necessarily get you hired: 1) Nepotism The old ‘it’s who… read more

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