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At The Talent Hive we are experts in our fields. We have over 40 years combined experience of providing solutions that deliver great outcomes for candidates and clients. Based in New Zealand and the UK, wherever your heading, we are here to help. Click on the profiles below to find out more about us.

Matt Love-Smith

Matt Love-Smith

As Director Engineering with The Talent Hive I recruit across the breadth and depth of the Engineering, Technology and Hi-Tech Manufacturing sectors including contract and permanent roles

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Marc Denholm

Marc Denholm

As Director IT with The Talent Hive I recruit at all levels within the IT sector covering both contract and permanent roles.

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Wendy McArthur

Wendy McArthur

As Principal Consultant - People and Capability with The Talent Hive, I provide my clients with tailored business solutions focused on organisation, people and culture.

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Amelia Bunting

Amelia Bunting

As IT Candidate Manager at The Talent Hive Amelia recruits across the IT & Digital sector

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Alex Bouma

Alex Bouma

As a Director of The Talent Hive I'm involved in planning and developing strategy for the business, consulting on specific projects and mentoring the management team.

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Lucy Frost

Lucy Frost

As The Talent Hive’s UK based Recruitment Specialist my key role is to run search and selection programmes for UK based IT and Engineering candidates.

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The Talent Hive for Candidates

Key Benefits for Candidates

  • Connect - Website, Social Media, Mobile, Referral, we make it easy to reach us and we’d love to hear from you
  • Discover - We get to know all about you, your achievements and your career aspirations
  • Develop - We help develop a "go to market” plan, optimise your CV and social media profile
  • Navigate - We pro actively search for your next career opportunity, help you navigate the market and offer interview preparation advice
  • Thrive - We stay connected and support your onboarding, we invite you to share your experience  and insights with like minded industry professionals.

The Talent Hive for Employers

Key Benefits for Employers

  • Industry Specialisation - IT & Engineering Specialisation, Talent Mapping, Market Insights
  • Access UK Talent - Direct Access to UK Candidates, Specialist Experience in Cross Border Recruitment, Immigration, Services & Settlement Support
  • Strategic Talent Solutions - Management Search, Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Talent/Workforce Consulting
  • Flexible Pricing Models - One Size Fits One
  • Social Recruitment - Building Online Communities, Sharing Insights, Connecting Experts, Leveraging Social Platforms for Identifying Talent and Nurturing Communities

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