Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to Wellington, New Zealand

Name: Ricardo de Azevedo Dutra
Job title: Electrical Engineer – Principal Engineer
I moved from: Rio de Janeiro – Brazil
I moved too: Wellington – New Zealand
I arrived in New Zealand: 5th May 2015

Ricardo Dutra

What do you enjoy most about living in New Zealand and in your city?

I enjoy most the variety of different landscapes in so short distances. In about two hours you can go from a beautiful beach to an iced mountain. New Zealand is an awesome country for all ages. Rivers, waterfalls, beaches, lakes, mountains, are everywhere. Wellington, where I live, is an excellent city, with a smooth traffic, a fantastic variety of restaurants, coffee bars, and has always some event happening. But it is not a crowded city. There is a plenty of gyms and sports courts available for all at a very good price. The bus system is extremely efficient. There are buses to all corners of the city with a very good frequency and with a practical signaling at the bus stops. Another remarkable topic is the general organization. There is a great effort by the social welfare at all places. Everything is done to make people live better.

What do you miss most about your home country?

The family, first of all. As it was possible to come with some relatives, we miss the ones that stayed there. But the technology nowadays helps a lot. We can keep in contact somehow. Another thing we miss very much is the wonderful weather we had there. Since I arrived here it has been quite cold. Although there are a lot of restaurants here we miss the traditional Brazilian food, as well. Some vegetables, fruits and sauces are not available here, unfortunately. All these things are very important for us.

What was your biggest challenge in relocating to New Zealand?

The biggest challenge was to leave sons, daughter and parents in order to go so far way without an extensive knowledge about what you are going to face, how will be the new job and how will be your new life abroad. No matter how good is your consultant you always will have some expectations about the new environment you will find out there and about the financial aspects. I wanted so much to apply my knowledge in the new job, even considering that here many rules are so different.

What is the best experience you have had since arriving in New Zealand?

Talking about places, there are a lot of amazing places to mention. As I am working I don’t have much time to travel. I have already known Christchurch and Wellington, as the biggest cities, and some very interesting towns like Porirua and Martinborough, during the weekends. This last one is a very good wine producer region. Maybe this was the best experience. We stayed in a cozy hotel and tasted delicious foods and excellent wines.

What advice would you give to others who may be contemplating moving to New Zealand?

Don´t be afraid. New Zealand will receive you with open arms. People here are very familiar with the welcoming activities. The best you can do before you come is to research about the country and the cities. As much you read better and comfortable you will feel and in love you will be.

What was your experience of working with The Talent Hive?

The Talent Hive conducted my process on a deep professional level. And at the same time they helped me a lot with the personal topics on a friendly way. I liked very much to work with them. It was really amazing.