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At The Talent Hive we are not just focused on finding you the next job, but on helping you make the right IT or Engineering career move. That means finding you a role that aligns with your long term professional ambitions, offers you a work culture that feels like the right fit and provides you with the opportunity to thrive. We call this approach the Career Partner.

The Talent Hive Difference & how it relates to you

Key points about the Career Pathway

  • Connect  - Website, Social Media, Mobile, Referral, we make it easy to reach us and we’d love to hear from you
  • Discover  - We get to know all about you, your achievements and your career aspirations
  • Develop -  We help develop a 'go to market' plan, optimise your CV and social media profile
  • Navigate - We proactively search for your next career opportunity, help you navigate the market and offer interview preparation advice
  • Thrive - We stay connected and support your onboarding, we invite you to share your experience  and insights with like minded industry professionals.

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How Career Partner can help you

The Career Partner approach starts when you connect with The Talent Hive. We take the time to discover who you are and what’s important to you, we develop a go to market plan and then we stay connected through personal contact and professional interest groups as we guide you through the interview process and beyond. Our partnership with you doesn’t end on the first day in your new role. We stay connected with you to ensure that the integration into your new company is a success. The Talent Hive is committed to your continuing professional development. In some circumstances we can provide financial assistance for future training and development, terms and conditions apply.

Connect with Professionals

  • The Talent Hive team are specialists in their field
  • 40 years of combined experience in recruitment and talent management
  • Our professional networks stretch across New Zealand and beyond.

Discover the Difference

  • Our purpose is to help your career thrive
  • Support with CV, Social media profile,  interview presentation and navigating the employment market
  • We may be able to provide financial assistance for future training and development. Terms and conditions apply.

Get Social

  • Join and contribute to The Talent Hive social media interest groups
  • We’ll keep you across relevant industry functions happening in your location
  • Share your industry insights and connections with like minded professionals

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