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The Talent Hive are specialists in IT and Engineering recruitment. We recognise the need for candidates to stand out from the crowd to show potential employers your unique skills. We offer great job seeker advice for professional candidates including interview skills, job security, salary negotiation and much more.


Seeking Job Security & High Wages?

Posted by: Marc

Since 2013, New Zealand’s unemployment rate has been bouncing between 5-7%, settling bang in the middle at 6% at the end of Q3 in 2015. In most industries, it’s an employers market, with hiring managers able to pick and choose from a large pool of job seekers. There is a notable exception. The digital/ICT sector… read more

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Insight Series – Moving to New Zealand

Posted by: Marc

As more and more companies search for highly talented people beyond their own country’s shores, the employment market has truly gone global. But moving to another country for your dream job and a better life style can be a daunting prospect. Fortunately the team at The Talent Hive are experts in supporting Engineering and IT… read more

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What Role Will Data Play In Measuring My Work Performance?

Posted by: Marc

In just a few years, data analytics has gone from a niche occupation, of interest only to market researchers and IT specialists, to become a driving force behind almost every business model. It’s not just about building a clearer picture of industry and market trends. Analytics is also a powerful tool for assessing the efficiency… read more

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How To Identify A Good Headhunter

Posted by: Marc

Being contacted by a headhunter with an attractive offer is exciting if not a little flattering. The promise of a new opportunity for career growth is enough to turn even the most loyal of heads. But how can you identify a good headhunter from a bad one? The headhunter’s agenda is to satisfy employers, yours… read more

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How Important Is My Online Profile To My Career Progress

Posted by: Matt

Twenty years ago, looking for a job meant combing newspaper ads or joining a recruitment firm, submitting your CV, and being 100% certain that the information contained therein was all an employer had to go on. Likewise, the information on prospective employers available to candidates was limited and tightly controlled. The Internet hasn’t just moved… read more

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The Subtle Art Of Salary Negotiation

Posted by: Marc

‘Adept at negotiating salary’ is one requirement you’ll never see on a job listing, but the art of negotiation is a sought-after quality among candidates. According to Robin Pinkley, co-author of Get Paid What You’re Worth, people who attempt to negotiate their salary in a constructive way’ are perceived more favourably than those who don’t,… read more

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Why Did Someone Less Qualified Than Me Get The Job?

Posted by: Marc

Losing out on a job is always painful, but it’s especially hard when you know you were ideally suited to the position. Whoever got it couldn’t have been more qualified. So what’s going on? There are a few reasons why ability, experience and qualifications won’t necessarily get you hired: 1) Nepotism The old ‘it’s who… read more

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