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Martin Aircraft is the manufacturer and inventor of the world’s first commercially viable jetpack. Based in Christchurch and founded in 1998, the Martin Jetpack was named as one of Time magazine’s Top 50 inventions in 2010 and successfully listed in 2015 on the ASX, becoming the world’s first manufacturer of commercial jetpacks in 2016.

Martin Aircraft contracted The Talent Hive to recruit 15 new hires, mostly senior Engineering and IT roles over a three month period. We undertook Requirements Analysis, sourcing, engagement and branding to successfully meet their requirements to fill aircraft engineering jobs, aeronautical engineering jobs and more. We have continued to support Martin Jetpack and its employees with their hiring and career developments.


The Future For The Jetpack

Posted by: Marc

Martin Aircraft is currently looking for new engineers to help work on the highly anticipated Martin Jetpack. We spent some time talking to Director of Engineering Ulrich Bergler to find out who their ideal candidate is. In Part 1 of the blog, which you can find here, Ulrich spoke about the culture at Martin Aircraft,… read more

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What Next For Martin Jetpack?

Posted by: Matt

Ulrich Berlger is Engineering Director at Martin Aircraft Company, makers of the Martin Jetpack. Named as one of Time magazine’s Top 50 inventions for 2010 the Martin Jetpack is set to be the world’s first commercial Jetpack. As if managing the development of such pioneering technology was not enough to fill his days Ulrich has also… read more

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