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Groundline Engineering is sky high with career opportunity

Posted by: Matt

Richi Cleland – Director Groundline Engineering Groundline Engineering is a specialist consultancy with expertise in transmission and distribution asset optimisation including Line Engineering, Asset Condition Management, Testing and R&D. Over the past thirteen years they have developed a strong market position built on quality, innovation and the consistent delivery of complex projects to their expanding… read more

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How To Manage A Narcissist

Posted by: Matt

With selfies and social media comes claims that Millennials are being bitten by the narcissism bug. In the US, diagnoses of narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) have risen sharply over the past 10 years. Narcissistic personality traits have risen as much as obesity rates in the last 30 years with fears that the  disorder could now… read more

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Effective Strategies For Recruiting IT Talent

Posted by: Marc

New Zealand businesses in search of IT talent know how challenging it is hiring in a tight candidate market. The skills gap is real and growing, making recruitment challenges particularly pronounced for IT positions. In an IT market starved for talent, how should HR/Business leaders respond to a climate in which the right people for… read more

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Posted by: Matt

The interviewing process can be perilous, which is why all too many employers rely heavily on the past experience of candidates for their ultimate guidance. And while past success is definitely a plus, it’s certainly no cast iron guarantee of future performance. There are better ways to determine whether a candidate is going to be… read more

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Is Company Culture Crucial To Successful Hiring

Posted by: Matt

Building an authentic company culture is one of the more complex challenges facing organisations of all sizes. It’s also one of the most elusive. A 2014 Gallup poll shows that more than half of all employees in the U.S. describe themselves as ‘disengaged’ at work. Millennials are the least engaged demographic, suggesting that positive company… read more

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Is slow hiring hurting your brand?

Posted by: Matt

  One of the most fundamental errors made by inexperienced recruiters is slow hiring. You can see the logic behind it. An organisation may have a culture of working long hours to pave the way for business success. They rightly take pride in their meticulous planning and execution of established process and when the time… read more

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How Valuable Are Soft Skills To Your Employment Prospects?

Posted by: Marc

Good communication. Initiative. The ability to work in a team. So-called ‘soft skills’ such as these have long received short shrift from bottom-line worshiping monetarists who believe the only assets of any value comes with a price tag that can be quantified to the cent. Luckily, those attitudes are on the way out. Increasingly, employers… read more

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