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Why Bad Hiring Costs More Than Not Hiring

Posted by: Marc

The recruiting process is time-consuming and costly. According to MBIE’s (somewhat optimistic) employee cost calculator the average cost per hire for IT workers in New Zealand is just under $7000. To ensure a recruitment drive is ultimately profitable for your business, mistakes have to be kept to a minimum. As expensive as a successful recruitment… read more

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Death Of The Middle Manager

Posted by: Marc

Remember managers? They were all the rage last century, when professional advancement equated to the pursuit of authoritative job titles and everyone knew their place in the hierarchy. If you had no discernible skills other than irritating or coddling those who did, you could go far. Not so anymore. A study by job-matching company TheLadders… read more

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In Business, Only Bad Eggs Prevent Poaching

Posted by: Matt

The long-running poaching dispute between four global tech giants and more than 64,000 of their employees may finally have reached it’s conclusion after Apple, Google, Intel and Adobe offered to settle the lawsuit for $415 million (USD). The lawsuit claims the companies had made formal agreements not to recruit each others employees. One email exchange… read more

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‘Stop Kony’…..and start storytelling

Posted by: Marc

By Marc Denholm Co-Founder of The Talent Hive On March 5th 2012 a 28 minute film made by an American Charity, Invisible Children, was released and within three days it had been watched on You Tube more than 20 million times. The film was about the plight of children in Uganda at the hands of… read more

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