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The Buzz – Now Hiring – Testing Roles

Posted by: Courtney Collins

Welcome to The Buzz. There is a Test theme to today’s Buzz, with the first role being a permanent opportunity for a Test Analyst, the second being a senior level Test Automation Specialist for a 6-month hourly rate contract and finally a senior level Test Analyst for another 6-month hourly rate contract. If these sound… read more

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Power your team with diversity

Posted by: Matt

I recently spent some time watching my daughter go through preseason trials for her local football team. The team that she was grouped with for the final match of the afternoon represented a diverse range of kids with a common love for the beautiful game. The’y hadn’t played together before or even met. Most were… read more

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Posted by: Matt

The interviewing process can be perilous, which is why all too many employers rely heavily on the past experience of candidates for their ultimate guidance. And while past success is definitely a plus, it’s certainly no cast iron guarantee of future performance. There are better ways to determine whether a candidate is going to be… read more

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Do Resumes Encourage Hiring Manager Bias?

Posted by: Marc

Putting together a cover letter and CV is one of the most dreaded aspects of searching for a job. Adjusting the contents for each position applied for – and knowing in some cases those contents will never even be read – can be a dispiriting process. Employers don’t exactly love wading through stacks of applications… read more

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