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Reduce Energy – Optimise Your Career

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DETA Consulting is a young, dynamic and responsive organisation working with some of New Zealand’s largest businesses to identify, develop and deliver optimisation services. Deta Consulting was born out of the engineering filed of ‘energy efficiency’ but now Deta delivers services across a much broader spectrum from process and mechanical design through to HSE and contract management. The company continues to grow as it builds on its past successes and acquires new customers.

David Taylor is both a Director and Consultant working within the business, so he is a busy guy. But we managed to grab some of his time to find out a bit more about his background, the industry and what makes the work and culture of Deta so appealing for its employee’s. Here is what David had to tell us……

DETA Consulting seems to be going from strength to strength, what is the secret to the company’s success to date?

Specialising in the technically challenging industrial market – milk, meat, food, wood – and hiring keen, driven staff capable of providing the flexibility we promise to clients.

What are the company’s main objectives over the next year?

Aside from continuing on our growth path and maintaining happy staff and clients, we’ll be expanding with a new office in Tauranga.

What kind of new recruits are you looking for to help you achieve these objectives?

We’re looking for solutions-focused talent who can think outside the box. An ideal recruit will take a holistic approach to solution-analysis and be able to identify areas in need of optimisation.

What attracts people to your industry and to working with DETA?

Our industry is all about improvement – improving processes, production, quality, the environment, profits. We pride ourselves on our flexibility to the specific needs of a client, preferring successful outcomes to the arbitrary 8 to 5 grind. DETA’s flat management structure allows everyone to have a say in what happens and facilitates a wider variety of interesting projects, sites and clients than a top-down hierarchy would permit.

Tell us a little about the challenges new recruits can look forward to getting their teeth into over their first 6 months?

We work with a large range of equipment, processes, organisations, people and projects, many of which are new to us all, so new recruits can expect a significant learning curve. Although we work together in teams, we encourage each member of staff to take individual responsibility for their own output.

Where do you see the future for your industry?

The energy efficiency industry is moving towards a ‘turnkey’ project based model which sees the identification, scoping, design, business case development and implementation of projects all handled by a single organisation.  We expect this trend to continue as it makes life very easy for client’s who are typically constrained by employee availability.  However, I don’t expect a single organisation to handle solutions and then physically do the installation, as impartiality is key for ensuring the client gets the best value.

Deta Consulting are hiring talented people now.

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