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Effective Strategies For Recruiting IT Talent

Posted by: Marc

New Zealand businesses in search of IT talent know how challenging it is hiring in a tight candidate market. The skills gap is real and growing, making recruitment challenges particularly pronounced for IT positions.

In an IT market starved for talent, how should HR/Business leaders respond to a climate in which the right people for the job are scarce and expensive?

Enhance the Perception of Your Brand

Today’s IT professionals are pestered by recruiters on frequent basis, but few are going to jump ship until they’re approached by a company that has an impressive online profile. Google receives over 3 million applications a year. Branding is important. So, time to evaluate your employer value proposition (EVP), which is what an employer expects from its employees and what it provides in return. Step outside the business and try and see your company as a potential IT job candidate would. This type of assessment will help guide improvements to reposition your brand as a destination for talent.

Examine Your Communications Approach

For the first time in history, we now have four generations in the workplace. Each has its own needs, expectations and experiences, so a one-size-fits-all communication strategy for recruitment isn’t going to cut it. Segment your EVP communication by generation for improved results.

Look at How You Hire

According to research from recruiting and ATS software company Lever, candidates referred to a company have a one-in-16 chance of getting hired; candidates submitted by a recruiting agency or firm have a one-in-22 chance while a proactively sourced candidate’s chances are one in 72. Candidates who apply via a company’s career site or job posting have the worst chance of being hired; only one out of 152 applicants land a job that way.

So the way you hire matters. It’s not about getting a whole lot of people to apply, it’s about attracting the right people to apply. Otherwise you’re not being efficient. This is where a dedicated IT recruitment agency can really prove its worth to your organisation.

Know Your Market

Getting to know what IT job seekers are looking for will help you create employment packages that are more attractive. A 2016 Job Seeker Nation survey uncovered the  most common reasons why job seekers jump ship:

  • Almost 40% of job seekers are looking for better work-life balance
  • Better pay (61%) heads the pack of reasons
  • But location (42%), health benefits (36%) and growth opportunities (35%) aren’t far behind
  • Company culture (21%) and leadership (15%) aren’t top of the pile, but they shouldn’t be discounted as unimportant factors

When you’re aware of the factors currently making IT professionals switch jobs, you’re better placed to craft a compelling pitch to candidates.

Improve the Candidate Experience

Look at your recruiting process from beginning to end. You want to make it as effortless as possible for the best candidates to apply. Think about your candidate experience as you would your customer journey. Put a premium on efficiency, but remember that the way you treat people who at every stage of the process matters. Look at ways to gather and analyze data around your processes so you can get rid of stumbling blocks, and make it an easy process no matter which route candidates choose to apply.

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