HR Consulting

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We specialise in designing tailored business solutions across organisation, people and culture.

We can provide strategic HR advice or hands on operational guidance and support, whatever you need right now.

We can partner with you on HR projects, managing people performance, remuneration frameworks, changes to organisational structure or process improvement.  We can also assist with those tricky people problems you may have from time to time.  We aim to fill the gaps in your HR toolkit.

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What we specialise in


Recruitment & Attraction

We can assist you with all the pre work for recruitment. Job design, aligning your employer value proposition (EVP) with the market and your brand. We will manage all the pre-employment assessments and ability tests. We can also undertake all or part of recruiting an HR role for you.



We can design or streamline your induction programs & processes. We can work with you to provide a great employee onboarding experience, where everything you need doing is done and everything is consistent with your employer brand.



We can undertake a remuneration audit. Align roles to market data, run your annual remuneration review from start to finish. We can work with you at a strategic level on your policy and provide reward, benefits and incentives advice for all levels and areas of the business.



Developing a competency framework, setting objectives and providing coaching and training on these areas. Aligning performance and reward. Working with you to manage poor performance and provide coaching on performance improvement.



We run talent identification workshops, and then work with you to identify action plans for development and retention strategies. We can help with skill gap analysis and work through aligning capability to deliverables and business outcomes.



Does your business need a culture check? What are people saying about the business, do they want to stay, are they striving to do their best? We can help find opportunities for culture improvement in your business, to engage employees and ensure they understand the business direction, and their part in it.


Exit & Separation

We can help in dealing with resignations and ensuring your exit processes are robust. Managing disciplinaries where exit from the business may be the only option. Working through business change that may result in redundancies.


HR Business & Process Check

A full comprehensive HR check looking at both strategic and operational elements, the way things are done and what policies, practices and processes are in place. Essentially across the whole Employee Lifecycle we can provide advice and develop systems from recruitment and onboarding through to exit and separation.