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Living & Working in New Zealand

Posted by: Matt

Living & Working in New Zealand (1)

As more and more companies search for highly talented people beyond their own country’s shores, the employment market has truly gone global. But moving to another country for your dream job and a better life style can be a daunting prospect. Fortunately, the team at The Talent Hive are experts in supporting Engineering and IT Professionals (and their families!) through the process of relocating to a new part of the world. Some of our team have experienced moving to New Zealand ‘first hand’ themselves, but all of us are well versed in helping others successfully transition into a new life in New Zealand.

Ensuring you have clear information about your new role and the business you’re joining is crucial but of equal importance is reliable information about the country and city that you are moving to. So The Talent Hive created a guide for international job seekers with some tips, guides and useful information to help uncover what it’s really like to live and work in Aotearoa. With the latest up to date information this free guide can be downloaded from our Living & Working in NZ page on our website.

If your serious about emigrating to New Zealand, then the team at The Talent Hive are well positioned to help you understand the requirements for a New Zealand work visa. Our registered immigration specialist can assist you with advice and even an initial assessment of your eligibility for a New Zealand work visa. To find out more about this and our full range of immigration services just visit our website at New Zealand Work Visa

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