Before Your Arrival

Here’s a brief practical checklist of things you’ll need to do prior to your move to New Zealand.

6+ months before departure

  • Start collating all key documents that will be required such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, driving licences, personal and employment references, and passports
  • Obtain advice regarding visa eligibility (contact The Talent Hive if you would like a recommendation for a New Zealand based Licensed Immigration Advisor)
  • List your property on the market

3 to 6 months before departure

  • Make initial contact with the Talent Hive and send over your CV so that one of our recruiters can ascertain how we can assist, talk to you about market conditions and potential employers.
  • Arrange shipping of any personal and household items
  • Speak with financial advisors regarding pension transfers and other investments
  • Make arrangements for shipping pets to New Zealand

3 months before departure

  • Begin having initial discussions and interviews with New Zealand employers. Utilise Skype or other web based video conferencing tools to enable these discussions.
  • Contact New Zealand schools to enroll your children
  • Request medical and health related records
  • Open a New Zealand bank account
  • Investigate accommodation options
  • Book your flights to New Zealand
  • Arrange travel insurance
  • Sell any unwanted personal and household items not being shipped to New Zealand

1 month before departure

  • Bring utilities up to date and cancel all household accounts
  • Arrange for post redirection
  • Transfer funds to New Zealand
  • Arrange private health cover in New Zealand (optional)
  • Gather employment references and any other relevant employment documentation
  • Prepare a travel file of key documents
  • Arrange for rental car upon arrival in New Zealand

1 week before departure

  • Check in with The Talent Hive to receive confirmation and schedule for job interviews and prospect meetings
  • Ensure household items and goods being shipped have left for New Zealand
  • Arrange airport transfers to/from the airport is organised