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NK Windows – Global innovation meets local know-how

Posted by: Matt

NK Windows has developed a loyal customer following and an enviable reputation within its niche market. Their window and door solutions utilise robust and stylish profiles and hardware from the finest German and Austrian manufacturers, but benefit from local New Zealand expertise.

With proven market, leading solutions this company has a strong brand for quality and energy efficiency. The solutions they develop incorporate award winning, highly advanced, precision manufactured windows and doors with market-leading security, noise reduction and environmental attributes.

This is an agile and ambitious organisation that has been growing in size and is currently looking to hire a Product Engineer to join their professional and experienced team environment.

Martin Ball is Company Director at NK Windows and so he is a busy man. But we managed to grab some of his time to find out a bit more about his background, the industry and what makes the work and culture at NK Windows so appealing for the team. Here is what Martin had to tell us……

  • NK Windows seems to be going from strength to strength, what is the secret to the company’s success to date?
    • We have a good product, which is gradually becoming more recognised in the NZ market, but more importantly we have great people who really care about the clients and making sure we get the best result for them
  • What are the company’s main objectives over the next year or two?
    • We see the opportunity to continue to grow on the back of the growing awareness of the need to build warmer and more comfortable homes. This growth will be focused in the South Island.
  • What kind of new recruits are you looking for to help you achieve these objectives?
    • We are always looking for experienced industry professionals who have a real passion for building better homes!
  • What attracts people to your industry and to working with NK Windows?
    • I think it is the opportunity for growth in an industry that is been doing things the same way for too long. It is a good time for people with new ideas.
  • Tell us a little about the challenges new recruits can look forward to getting their teeth into over their first 6 months?
    • We are experiencing a lot of enquiries from clients and designers who want to build more thermally efficient homes. The European suppliers we use give us access to a range of solutions, and the challenge is to match the two!
  • Where do you see the future for your industry?
    • Continued growing awareness of building better quality homes that are more comfortable to live in. This will involve improved design and the use of more advanced products and materials.
  • How important is a positive organisational culture for your business?
    • Very. We are a small team trying to serve a growing market with solutions that are less familiar to New Zealanders. This requires perseverance and a “can do” attitude.
  • How did you get into the industry?
    • My wife and I purchased this business almost 4 years ago from the previous Austrian owners. We liked the product and the service reputation and had a great business transition with the previous owners.
  • What was your inspiration for owning your own business?
    • After 25 years in a corporate world working globally for several iconic New Zealand brands, my wife and I saw the opportunity to apply that experience to our local community with a product that improves the way people live.
  •  What are the biggest changes that you have seen within the industry over the past few years?
    • The post-earthquake rebuild has had a huge impact in terms of scaling up, increasing access to a wider range of building products and methods, and increasing the levels of client education. We are now dealing with a far better informed home owner.
  • What challenges remain for the industry?
    • I think the industry still has a long way to go in terms for basic building standards. There are certainly a lot of initiatives and advice around but the regulatory environment needs to change faster to drive the standard up.
  • If you could go back in time and have a conversation with yourself as a fresh graduate what advice would you give yourself?
    • Look for a wide range of experience while you are young. Learn quickly and work for an organisation that supports this. Find out what you really care about and try and spend as much time as you can working on that stuff!


NK Windows are hiring talented people now.

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