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The Talent Hive designs and delivers scalable talent solutions that accelerate business performance and help you attain your people and business goals. We provide a range of innovative solutions encompassing targeted candidate search within the talent short IT & Engineering sectors, Project Recruitment, On Demand RPO and Technical Search. The Talent Hive is an outcomes focused business partner that gets results.

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Key Benefits we offer employers

  • Expertise - Our recruiters in both New Zealand and the UK are experienced and well-connected within their markets. Every Talent Hive recruiter is a specialist within their chosen industry sector either IT or Engineering - which ensures you’re always speaking with an expert who understands your needs.
  • Consultative - We go beyond the standard role of a recruiter, we are consultative in our approach. To us this means being curious, asking questions, sharing insights, being resourceful, being influential, being strategic and being resilient.
  • Access to Talent - The Talent Hive consultants in New Zealand and the UK have far reaching networks. We have created an environment where candidates are able to connect with us and receive and share valuable insights. This high level of engagement with our talent communities ensures that we’re able to identify and connect in a powerful way.
  • Customisable Workforce Solutions - We deliver a range of scalable workforce models encompassing individual search assignments, project recruitment and on demand outsourcing. Our team has a track record of success in refining and developing recruitment process, candidate sourcing and selection, employer branding and marketing and key stakeholder management.
  • Flexible Pricing Models - We take a flexible approach to our solutions and to our pricing. Our models include elements that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.
  • Career Partner- Our approach with our candidates means that we invest in making their career with your business a success. We offer candidates guidance on professional development options and (subject to conditions) financial support to turn this advice into results.

The Talent Hive Process & how it works for Employers

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