Technical Search

A significant number of New Zealand employers still report that talent shortages are negatively impacting their growth strategies and ability to service customers. With continued growth and a refreshed optimism within the IT and Engineering sectors, the talent shortage is being keenly felt, in particular within the subgroups of technical leads, operational managers and strategic leaders.

Technical Search is a key offering within The Talent Hive suite of products for our clients. We help you identify and attract the brightest talent by developing a bespoke and targeted search and acquisition strategy. We take a global approach, targeting specific countries and locations engaging both our New Zealand and UK based consultants who are well placed to specifically target the Engineering and IT sectors.

Technical Search Process

The Talent Hive brings the tools and process to enable us to identify the best candidates in the market. Engaging effectively with those candidates is crucial and we ensure that your business and career opportunities are promoted well. We do more than just hand you a shortlist of prospects, we bring you highly engaged, well briefed candidates, making the hiring process faster and more effective.

Here’s a brief overview of our Technical Search Process:

  • Needs Analysis: We develop a statement of understanding with you to ensure that we know what skills to search for and what makes your opportunity unique.
  • Candidate Identification: Our specialised recruiters in New Zealand and the UK utilise the latest online search tools and network of industry contacts to build a list of candidates which are a match to your opportunity brief.
  • Prospect Preparation: We meticulously prepare ourselves before engaging with our shortlist of candidates. The Talent Hive invests time in understanding the motivations of our shortlist of prospects, developing a tailored pitch for each candidate to ensure maximum engagement.
  • Qualification: The crucial qualification phase of the process encompasses a comprehensive interview and background assessment to ensure the candidate is well matched to your role.
  • Presentation: We won’t waste your time with applicants who are obviously not the right fit for your business. We will only submit a qualified shortlist of engaged candidates for your review.
  • Validate: The process of validation includes technical and personality assessment and profiling.
  • Post-placement: We stay connected with you and the candidate post-placement to ensure a seamless integration into your business.

The Talent Hive’s approach to bringing you the best people is prompt, extensive and highly effective, ensuring we exceed your expectations in filling those business critical roles.