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What Role Will Data Play In Measuring My Work Performance?

Posted by: Marc

Data Analytics and Work Performance

In just a few years, data analytics has gone from a niche occupation, of interest only to market researchers and IT specialists, to become a driving force behind almost every business model.

It’s not just about building a clearer picture of industry and market trends. Analytics is also a powerful tool for assessing the efficiency of a workforce. As an employee, it’s important to understand how data is used to track and analyze your performance. The more insight you have into how your role is evaluated, the easier it is to position yourself for promotions and pay increases.

Though not all employers are using analytics for performance management, you should assume they are. Software developers are making it easier for the data-illiterate to gain insights, using visualisation to present statistics in a user-friendly way. Data collection and analytics is also becoming increasingly affordable, allowing smaller companies to compete with and out-wit big corporate rivals.

The level of sophistication provided by analytics tools is a positive development for hardworking team-players. Traditional performance review metrics tended to overvalue star performers (or ruthlessness), whilst overlooking employees who advanced team objectives. Now, call tracking and analytics can tell a company which employees were involved at every stage of the transaction, from lead generation to conversion. The unscrupulous loudmouth, happy to gazump his colleagues and claim the credit (and the bonus), could be a thing of the past.

This is undoubtedly a good thing for employee and employer alike. The best performers are by nature team-oriented. They thrive in collaborative environments and rarely call attention to themselves. Data analytics can quickly identify the hidden talent within an organization, and not just pinpoint the weak links, but establish precisely where they’re going wrong so that adequate training and feedback can be offered.

To help you understand how employers use performance management tools, we’ve compiled some typical inquiries, historically answered by a combination of hunches and personal bias, now easily solved by analytics:

  • Is everyone focused on what’s important? Strategic goals can be aligned throughout a company, allowing individual efforts to more accurately reflect and support the overall organizational strategy. Problem areas can be identified early, and resources re-assigned to where they are needed most.
  • Where are tomorrow’s leaders? Strong performers can be identified from individual performance metrics to create a pool of potential future leaders who will benefit from focused development and retention efforts.
  • Do we have the talent we need for future growth? Understanding whether the right talent exists within an organization or needs to be sourced externally can save companies time and money. As competency requirements are determined, recruiters can  source candidates with the right experience – or develop talent already within the organization.

Automating performance management and data collection enables employers to apply the same high standards to human capital decisions as they do for other assets. In tandem with next-generation learning platforms, predictive analytics opens up new avenues for optimizing talent management, hiring processes and professional development. These powerful tools are already helping businesses remove any ambiguity surrounding employee performance, consigning gut-instinct and subjectivity to history. In a data-led employment culture, only good collaborators and consistently strong performers need apply.

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