What to do during times of great uncertainty

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As New Zealand businesses work their way towards Level-2 and beyond organisations of all sizes are focused on navigating through unprecedented levels of uncertainty. Throughout times of great change business leaders will bring together all of the experience, knowledge and skills accessible to them. Leveraging this collective thinking helps to shape a clearer path and ensures that what needs to be done, is also done in the right way.

During such unusual times anxiety increases across the board, but especially with employees who may have less of a voice in those business critical decisions. This can lead to work related stress and over time, ever decreasing productivity.

So how can we help you?

The Talent Hive can provide specialist support with:

  • HR Advice and support in managing all people issues, effective communication, performance, disciplinary, structure change, dealing with Unions, Mediation, employee exiting processes, remuneration.
  • One on one leadership coaching including the leadership of remote teams
  • Stress management and nourishing the health and wellbeing of all people at work
  • Organisational restructuring, facilitation and strategy development
  • Leadership and organisational learning strategies
*Payment for Small Business support maybe heavily subsidised 

There is a lot of information available but determining what is the best approach for your particular business can require professional support. We are available for you to give us a call and check that you are on the right track – we don’t charge for a phone call, only if we start a formal piece of work for you.

Contact our Senior HR Specialist Wendy McArthur today.

Call Wendy on 0225880649 or email hr@thetalenthive.co.nz


*The Talent Hive offers services that are registered with the COVID 19 response ‘Management Capability Development Voucher Fund’.  Small businesses (100 employees or less) may qualify for funding to help pay for HR advice and support and we’re happy to provide you with information on the eligibility process.

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